Preview: The Once – 22/1/19 – Think Tank? Underground, Newcastle


Harmony-driven folk trio The Once are bringing their stunning blend of poetic songwriting and rich instrumentals to Newcastle. They play Think Tank? Underground on 22nd January…

Canadian trio The Once come to Newcastle to play Think Tank? Underground on 22nd January.

The Once are from Newfoundland and are renowned for their stunning poetic lyrics and harmony driven sound. Geraldine is the band’s lead vocalist, whilst Phil and Andrew provide the harmonies and play a variety of instruments including bouzouki, guitar, mandolin and banjo. Firstly, they started out as actors. All with a passion of singing and making music prior to The Once’s formation.

Over the last decade they have crafted a sonically understated and heavenly mixed discography. Their own brand of acoustic folk tackles issues such as body confidence, love and loss through the trio’s talents in songwriting. They have a beautiful way of intertwining hope with tragedy, nailing the focus balance between melancholy and joy.

Their debut album was released in 2009 to critical acclaim, the band even went on to win at the Canadian Folk Music Awards. In 2014, they supported Passenger on tour, gaining a reputation as an incredible live act.

‘Time Enough’ is The Once’s fourth studio release, with 9 stellar tracks that are flooded with honesty and vulnerability. The album features a grittier guitar and perfectly thick vocal harmonies, like musical honey.

Furthermore, The Once have an irrevocably bright and cheerful on-stage presence that grips their audience from the first chord.

Make sure to head down to Think Tank? Underground to catch this trio live in action on the 22nd January.



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