Preview: The Wildhearts – 12/5/19 – Riverside, Newcastle


Controversial and chaotic, The Wildhearts come to Newcastle’s Riverside for a headline show on the 12th of May. The English rock group have announced their first new album in 10 years…


Formed in 1989 in Newcastle upon Tyne, The Wildhearts have led a truly wild and chaotic career. Producing hard rock with an edge of punk, The Wildhearts’ rock ‘n’ roll history has been fittingly turbulent. Disbanding and reunited too many times to count, band members were replaced regularly.

The only constant member has been the erratic Ginger, real name David Walls, the singer of The Wildhearts. Originally part of London band The Quireboys, Ginger decided to form his own band after a disastrous exit. Peaking in the early 90s and even touring with The Manic Street Preachers at one point, The Wildhearts lived a rollercoaster of a career.

As unpredictable as the weather, Ginger hired and fired band members sporadically, leading to their eventual doom. They did manage to regroup several times for anniversary tours throughout the last decade and a 2018 tour even led to a studio return.

They announced their first new album in ten years, ‘Renaissance Men’, ready for release in May 2019. As a lead up to the release, The Wildhearts dropped single ‘Dislocated’ in February 2019. It’s a return to their stormier early days of real punk rock, with Ginger’s vocals shredding through the fiery guitars and then changing up to more melodic poppier sounds. It’s a real mix and perfectly reflects their chaotic nature.

Catch The Wildhearts at Riverside on the 12th of May – you can get tickets here.




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