Preview: Vista Kicks – 21/06/19 – Think Tank Underground, Newcastle


Vista Kicks is a rock and roll band from California. Known for their intoxicating melodies and musicality to match, the band are embarking on a UK tour and they are coming to Newcastle’s Think Tank Underground on 21st June…

Vista Kicks, which is Derek Thomas, Sam Plecker, Trevor Sutton and Nolan Le Vine, formed in their Northern California as ‘Babe’ in 2013. Four lifelong friends grow up obsessed with the sounds of AC/DC, The Beatles, Black Sabbath, The Bee Gees and Michael Jackson.

They started playing anywhere and everywhere with a stage by the age of 16, taking over supper clubs, parties, and backyard barbecues. They quietly ignited a buzz throughout LA and beyond.

The band self-released 3 tracks in 2015, and a debut EP ‘Chasing Waves’ in 2016. After their single ‘Make It Real’ got 2 million Spotify streams, they made a decision to give up college and move to Hollywood, forming Vista Kicks in late 2015.

All of this led to the release of their 2017 full-length ‘Booty Shakers Ball’ – self-produced by the musicians themselves and engineered by their guitar player and vocalist Sam Plecker. It’s a playful mix of rock, soul, and funk that is reminiscent of bands that were at the top of their game long before these guys were even born.

In 2018 Vista Kicks have released a second explosive 18-track album ‘Twenty Something Nightmare’. This new album includes the elements that originally hooked fans. However, also showcase some new sounds, proving that they are a consistent yet evolving band.

Vista Kicks’ music is a fast blend of good old Rock N’ Roll, Funk, and Pop. Their shows are electric, they make impossible not to dance and have a great time. Make sure you get yourself down to Think Tank Underground on 21st June!




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