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Review: Arcane Roots - 22/10/18 - Think Tank?, Newcastle


Review: Arcane Roots – 22/10/18 – Think Tank?, Newcastle


Arcane Roots came to Newcastle’s Think Tank for the penultimate night of their Landslide tour. Dubbed also as the ‘farewell tour,’ before band members Andrew Groves, Adam Burton and Jack Wrench go their separate ways for ‘long term projects,’ and what a night to bow-out…

Bryde opened the night of music. There were a lot of early comers who did not want to miss a single moment. She gave us numbers from her Welsh Music Prize nominated album, ‘Like An Island.’ Her new single, ‘On The Subject Of Breathing’ was also performed. Bryde was the perfect support act for what was to come.

By the time Arcane Roots were due on, more had filled in the gaps in the venue and it felt close to capacity. Many came to witness this ‘special’ night to give a nod of thanks to the band who started in 2006.

Their last album ‘Melancholia Hymns’ received mixed reviews. This was as the heavy riffs that many were used to seemed to have been muted. Meanwhile the sound became more electronic and synth wrapped.

Their latest EP, ‘Landslide’, took three numbers from the album for a ‘reworking’. Both the album and EP are dreamy, atmospheric and the tracks deliver amazingly on stage, where it was darkly lit and full of smoke.

Odd bursts of light including blue strips from the ‘scaffolding like’ stage set appeared too. These all made the setting of Think Tank? feel even more intimate and like we were living in a “dream-scape.”

We are given a nice mix of songs from the new album and a few old tunes such as ‘Rouen.’ The “new-but reworked from old song,” ‘Winters Wept’ took on the feel of Melancholia Hymns, rather than the heavy riffs of its original sound.

Emily Denton provided guest vocals on opening track of the night ‘Before Me (Over)’ and towards the end of the night with the aforementioned ‘Rouen.’ Her vocals compliment that of Groves and the audience feel every single note! Bryde, who opened up the night with a half hour strong support slot returned to the stage. She lended her vocals on ‘Indigo’ which is an equally hypnotic song.

Arcane Roots wanted to deliver the tour ‘stripped back’ as they normally can’t hear the audience due to the ‘plastics in their ears,’ so to perform this way would give them more of a connection.

They also give thanks to the support that has been given to them over the years, including a shout-out to local band Boy Jumps Ship.

There was definitely something in the air that made this night special. It felt like the perfect way to close out this chapter on the musicians that are Arcane Roots. Groves, Burton and Wrench went out on a high. They also had their ‘closest supporters/fans’ with them, toasting to the good times that they had together over these years.


For more photos from Arcane Roots at Think Tank? come and see our Gig Gallery. It is online… Now! 


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