Both Hockey Dad and Basement brought huge amounts of energy to the Riverside stage. People in the crowd were ready for it and this was clearly something they had been looking forward to all day- if not all week. With a sea of people in Basement merchandise surrounding me, I could only draw this conclusion…

The support band, Hockey Dad, are two lads from Wollongong Australia. They first played in Newcastle at Hit The North last year so it was great to see them back. 

As they started my friend said “It sounds like there’s four of them” commenting on the full bodied, well-rounded round that the boys produce. It’s impressive with there being only two of them that they create such a substantial, beachy surf rock sound without the feeling of there being even the smallest element missing.

As their set went on they treated us with a brand new song and drew in an ever-growing crowd until the room had gone from half full to completely packed. To conclude, Hockey Dad are definitely ones to watch out for in future.

Then came Basement, they waltzed on stage and the whole building elevated. The band had the crowd in the palm of their hands. Lead singer Andrew Fisher beckoned everyone to move forward with a simple arm gesture. 

Riverside echoed with the unmistakable sound of Basement’s signature crashing drums and deep, repetitive rhythm guitar that partners so well against the catchy and tuneful lead guitar. All of these accompany Fishers’ vocals, the most recognisable aspect of the band. 

His vocals are strong and emotive. However I did find after a few songs that I was struggling to tell one from the other, there is certainly a danger of that with their particular sound and the structure of their songs. Many of them comprise of a long guitar driven introduction, repetitive chorus and elongated lines within the verses.

I was in awe of the energy the band brought however. I’d not seen such a wild mosh pit in a long time, with everyone throwing themselves into the centre of the room just to be a part of this arm and leg fest. Even the people not in the pit were either head banging or moving to the beat of the music, no one was stood still. 

They played ‘Covet’ second to last which triggered the loudest roar from everyone. It felt like the whole room descended into a frenzy with the whole crowd bursting into movement.

The British rock legends brought Riverside down for a night and produced one of the most electric and adrenaline filled nights I’ve seen in a while. Definitely worth catching again if you get the chance.




For more photos from Basement’s performance at Riverside then head over to our Gig Gallery now… 


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