Review: Daniel Burnett -20/07/19 – Surf Cafe, Tynemouth


Daniel Burnett has not released any material just yet. However, the fact he managed to sell out his Surf Cafe headliner four days prior to the show proves he’s quickly making a name for himself… 


Singer-songwriter Elizabeth Liddle provided support. Liddle managed to blow the audience away with her vocal technique and sweet melodies. Her renditions of original songs, performed solo on a keyboard, were filled with heartfelt emotion. She was sincerely flattered by the positive response from the  captivated crowd. 

Surf Caf was packed to the rafters with an audience of all ages, so much so that the venue’s door had to be kept open to give people room to move by the time Burnett took to the stage. 

Burnett came on stage with unrivalled enthusiasm and wasted no time trying to bring the crowd up to the same level. He declared that he wanted the night to be one big party and everyone in the room shared this ambition. 

Burnett’s set was filled with radio friendly pop bangers that got everyone in the room moving. One of the set’s early highlights was ‘My Time To Love You’, a track that wouldn’t sound out of place in Justin Timberlake’s discography. 

On the night it was clear to see how much Daniel loves to perform. It came to him as naturally as a duck taking to water and his energy was infectious. His level of engagement with the crowd was also very commendable. While this review is of course more focused on Burnett’s performance, it’s hard not to mention his ability as a songwriter too. 

A particularly nice touch to the set was when he would tell the audience stories behind some of his songs. For example, he explains ‘Control’ is all about sticking a middle finger up to any haters or people who have doubted him in the past. Sonically the track is relatively reminiscent of David Guetta’s ‘Titanium’.  Luckily everyone in the venue shows nothing but support for Burnett and his music. 

So much so that some particularly merry fans down the front were practically bordering on being on stage themselves. Burnett however, took it in his stride. After all he had made his intentions clear from the beginning that wanted the audience to have the best possible time. 

A run of original tracks including ‘You I Need’ precede a mashup with Burnett’s song ‘Fight The Feeling’ with The Weeknd’s hit ‘Can’t Feel My Face’, which turns into one big singalong.

Burnett’s rendition of his song ‘Good Day’, a motivational song about reaching a happy place after feeling down is another highlight but once this emotive moment had passed it was time to amp things up even more. 

The show closed to Burnett’s track ‘Be My Baby’ and there wasn’t a still person in the house. One final surprise for the evening was a confetti cannon.

This paired with the use of smoke machines, lighting, lasers and a full band (including two brass players performing from the balcony) was an ambitious level of production to use in such an intimate venue. However, these components added to the experience and made the evening even more memorable. 

Given the level of production, passion and showmanship on the night, Daniel Burnett is undoubtedly destined for bigger stages so keep an eye out for him.



See more photos from Daniel’s gig at Surf Cafe by Lily Henderson now right here on GNE… 


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