Review: Girli – 10/04/18 – Think Tank?, Newcastle


Call it a gimmick if you want, with her pink hair matching her mainly pink attire but Girli is no girl to mess with. Girli and her partner in crime DJ Kitty, who I must say is a true artist in her own right, know what they’re doing and are not afraid to tell you…

I walked into the venue, it was filled mostly with younger people but there were an older gig goers who certainly weren’t their guardians. The reason I feel the need to tell you this as I was at first going to state that Girli makes music for those with ‘teenage angst,’ you know a bit like Avril Lavigne did in the early 90s?

I realised making this statement may be jumping the gun though because of the crowd’s demographic and song titles including, “Fuck Right Off Back To LA” and “So You Think You Can Fuck With Me Do Ya?”

The night was one of musical wanderlust. We had ‘alternative hip-hop’ from Dylan Cartlidge open the night. Cartlidge is poetic not only the lyrically sense but in performance too which was backed by a bassist and a drummer, with catchy hooks and a crowd participation for ‘Yellow Brick Road.’

He removed his sunglasses to see the audience and freestyled a rap mentioning Newcastle, Think Tank and of course Girli. With style and substance, his mark on the music world is likely to be just as big as the ‘fro on his head.

A bit of raw emotion was to follow with Lion who had brought her brother Sam in tow on the drums. It was her second visit to Newcastle and sound seems to have expanded since supporting Isaac Gracie back then.

I say expanded, as her performance was louder and her vocals more intense, which was a good thing. The crowd were somewhat more vocal too. At points Lion was inaudible but luckily it was just in between numbers.

Her set included the notable ‘Devil On My Shoulder’, her latest single ‘Self Control’ and the catchy ‘Wolf.’ Maybe there will be a third time lucky for the artist and she will return to Newcastle again for a show of her own? Let’s hope so as her performance is quite spellbinding.

Going to the other end of the spectrum, the headliner bought her ‘angry’ bubblegum punk-pop sounds to the crowd. They gathered and deafening screams filled the room as DJ Kitty from behind the door announced “welcome to Girli world. This is a safe space.” And that it was.

For context Girli supports Girls against- a campaign fighting against sexual harassment at gigs. They rightfully believe that no-one should feel unsafe or threatened at gigs. At Girli’s show, the toilets were even ‘gender neutral.’



Considering the very energetic crowd there was no over the top movement that caused anyone any harm. Everyone was just in high spirits. Even when Girli jumped into the crowd, the audience gathered around her getting close but not too close so she could keep up her energetic performance too.

People can think what they like about Girli, I mean I even had my assumptions. Yet once you witness her live and see the faces and crowd reactions she draws in, there is no denying that she is a forward thinking role model.

‘Neck Contour’ is a song about the negativity that social media can bring and that we ‘have to remember that you are beautiful…Don’t let someone’s ‘happy’ photo online bring you down.’ Then there’s ‘Pink,’ a song about being ‘tired of being fucked over by people,’ which brings a huge roar from the crowd.

In fact every song in the set list had the whole crowd not only jumping about but also singing out loud to every single lyric. Girli tells the crowd we are seeing every side of her in the songs she has chosen.  

This is shown when on the flip side to ‘Pink,’ there is ‘Play It Cool.’ It is a song about liking someone who doesn’t like you back. So, yeah Girli’s songs and persona may come across as a girl dressed up in pink with an angry attitude, but as a first timer to both her music and live show, I could see that she has many other facets as an artist.

The audience hear her message loud and clear that when she leaves the stage they demand her back with chants of ‘Jeremy Corbyn.’ Admittedly, I have no clue what that was about!

She hears the call and is back on stage with DJ Kitty, for the catchy ‘Day Month Second,’ and ends with ‘Hot Mess.’ The latter seeing Girli’s second crowd surf of the night.

To sum it up, don’t judge a book by it cover, open it up and delve deeper and read between the lines, as if you do you just might be pleasantly surprised!


To see more pink hued photo’s from Girli’s show head over to our Gig Gallery now… 


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