Review: Larkins – 03/11/19 – Think Tank?, Newcastle


A group of 4 lads from Manchester who’ve been performing up and down the country this year. Think you know who I’m on about? No, it’s not The 1975. It is, however, a band who have been dubbed the next big thing to come out of Manchester. For the lucky few who know who I’m on about, it’s Larkins.

Larkins have dominated social media for a couple of years. Being one of the many ‘Hunna’ like bands who often advertise on Instagram and Facebook. They’ve seen success selling out venues across the UK, including the Manchester Albert Hall. But who exactly are Larkins? What kind of music do they make?

Being dubbed a combination of the aforementioned 1975, with a hint of Sam Fender and a dash of King No-One, they’re strong hitters in the alternative/indie genre. Although the band are still young, they’ve played some major stages in their time. To quote ‘The Line Of Best Fit’, their style of music is best described as “Straight laced indie pop filled with anthemic choruses and heartfelt lyricism”. This can be seen in songs such as ‘Something Beautiful’ and ‘Are We Having Any Fun Yet?’. To sum them up in a short but sweet fashion, Radio X derived their songs as, “big bold anthems of the future”.

To see if the hype was as true as it seems, a large array of fans all gathered to Think Tank? in Newcastle, to see these indie rockers in their natural habitat, and boy did they turn up. Crowd interaction was on point for lead singer and frontman Josh Noble. Josh created an ecstatic atmosphere in the rather personal gig layout. Some highlights of the gig for me would be the intensity of the band, with the crowd spurring out the lyrics in unison.

A song I’d like to highlight for any possible new fans of the band would be ‘TV Dream’. I’ve been listening to it for a while now, but it’s not quite the same as when you hear it on the big stage. The pumping guitar chords complimented the chorus, while the repetition of “I wanna take you dancing” with the crowd joining in unison was, dare I say, perfect. There’s a very cool video of this online if any of you want to take a gander.

To summarise, Larkins are an exciting, fresh band who’ve emerged out of the recent increase in indie pop, and are a testament to this thrilling new movement happening across the UK. 



To check out some more photos from the electrifying performance head over to our Gig Gallery now!


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