Review: Oddity Road- 15/11/19 – Think Tank? Underground


On Friday the 15th of November Sheffield based indie rockers Oddity Road braved the cold up North for their headline show at Think Tank? Underground bringing big sounds to a small stage.

Support on the night came from Plastic Glass who warmed up the crowd with their guitar heavy tunes. Their sound is dominated by catchy melodies and insanely strong vocals. Frontman Lewis has a roar and an attitude that demands attention. Even playing for a crowd that was very reluctant to be animated, the band didn’t let anything dampen their mood which definitely gained them some new fans. 

Keeping in tune with the overall theme of infectious rhythms, Oddity Road opened their set with ‘Don’t Hold Me Down’, a song that set the scene for the rest of the night. Though energetic and upbeat, there is a dark undertone to their sound. Maybe it’s Dan’s full, deep voice or the heavy drum beats but Oddity Road are a little All Time Low-y, no?

The night ended with an impromptu encore in honour of a very persistent fan in the front row who looked very disappointed at the lack of 2016 banger ‘Handshake’ in their set. Playing ‘Handshake’ for the first time in a long time was definitely not planned but they did it so flawlessly that we’re never telling anyone about it because Oddity Road “don’t do encores”. 

With the power invested in me by no one in particular, I’m awarding the prize for the most unexpected act of kindest to Dan the man for not telling an unarguably annoying human to shut it as I’m sure many others would have. Big Up Oddity Road. You deserve the world. 



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