Review: Our Girl – 19/10/18 – Think Tank, Newcastle


Once again, Brighton finds itself as the birthplace of yet another up-and-coming indie rock band. This time, it’s in the form of psychedelic grunge-lite trio Our Girl, who took over Think Tank on Friday evening…

Their new album, ‘Stranger Today,’ might have only been released at the end of the summer, but enough people were clearly so excited about it that they flocked impressively to the venue to see it live.

First up, however, were local lads Fever Days, who peaked my interest for the night. To see such an effective use of technology for an opening band was quite impressive. Their synths and backing noise gave their sound a maturity I wouldn’t have expected to see until much later.

The band might have looked like a patchwork of styles. However the four members came together for a cohesive indie rock noise which was deserving of a much bigger and more attentive crowd.

Main support came from Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard. Who aren’t quite good enough to name twice. While we reached technological heights with the previous act, now we saw a band who have to scrape the barrel at times.

There was so much reverb on the vocals that it took me half their set to work out if it wasn’t just a persistent echo effect. The vocalist appeared to have attended Mick Jagger’s Academy of Performing Arts and perhaps scraped a C. Their song ‘John Lennon is my Jesus Christ,’ was unfortunately messy.

There’s no way to escape the fact that every song sounded pretty much the same. I wasn’t impressed with them, no matter how high they can kick.

Our Girl eventually graced the stage for to bring us their softly spoken indie rock. I’m not usually one for whispered vocals, but this is a band that can get away with it for the most part personally.

Our Girl

The mellow vibes of “I Really Like It” showed off how beautifully this underrated band can perform. That song manages to build up an electric atmosphere as they go towards the final chorus which had the whole room buzzing. It was the most subtle form of rock.

Clearly, Our Girl are a musical success. They were pitch perfect and in time with each other, their entire set flowing very easily and purely. Their songs, while clearly sharing familial resemblance between each other, still manage to avoid being carbon copies of each other.

You’d think it would be easy for a band to know how to switch up their chord progressions a smidge, but so many simply don’t do that. There’s little worry of that here. Each song retains its subtle sparkling indie grunge sound whilst progressing and morphing with each new track.

If anyone is seeking music to lull you gently into a place of mental security, Our Girl is it. I defy anyone not to enjoy them, even if it’s just a little bit.



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