Review: Pip Blom – 8/10/19 – The Cluny, Newcastle


It was a Dutch double-bill at The Cluny with Pip Blom and support act Personal Trainer bringing the indie pop vibes!

It doesn’t happen often that two Dutch bands are playing a gig in Newcastle and it certainly does not happen often that the venue is packed to see those bands play. Pip Blom did it, together with support act Personal Trainer as they both played in the main room of The Cluny on Tuesday the 8th of October. The live music venue was full from the beginning until the end, and the audience was having a great time.

Kicking off the night was indie pop group Personal Trainer from Amsterdam, with no less than seven musicians, the stage was as busy as I have ever seen. It was hard to pick where to watch as there was a lot happening on stage. Their infectious, quirky pop songs could have been more coherent, however front man Willem made sure to attract all attention and seemed to feel more at home on stage than anyone else. At times I got distracted by the guy who seemed to be doing everything and nothing on stage-right, and the band might do good with some cut downs in musicians on stage. However, their contagious sound is a remarkable one and they are doing a good job at being outstanding and entertaining a crowd.

As soon as Pip appeared on stage, the crowd started moving, more than ready for the up tempo, cheerful tones of their catchy alternative indie pop music. The four-piece from Amsterdam were having a great time on stage, sharing jokes and laughter between themselves and giving short thanks to their fans. It was a relief to see three less musicians on stage, however no energy or layers to the music were lost. The four band members were well rehearsed, confident and seemed to purely make music to entertain their crowd. It was as if a burden fell off their shoulders as soon as they started playing and the audience reacted the way they had hoped. Shrieking guitar riffs and incredibly fast-paced drumbeats played by female drummer Gini made for a characteristic soundscape.

Both Pip Blom and Personal Trainer are part of the movement of kids that are sick of modern generic indie and created their own world inspired by the ‘80’s. They express themselves through their style, on-stage appearance and by not blending in but jumping out of genre-expectations.

words: Laura Rosierse

Photos: Rhiannon Banks


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