Review: Press Club – 29/08/19 – Surf Cafe, Newcastle


On Thursday, 29th August, the tiny Tynemouth Surfcafé was packed with a capital P. No one wanted to miss this one off spectacle- garage punk band Press Club coming all the way from Australia to turn the picturesque venue into a one-woman mosh-pit…

Kicking off the night was Newcastle’s very own grunge inspired outfit Bare Roots. Having launched in March 2019, it’s still early days for the band but judging by their performance baby steps are not an option, more like giant leaps. 

Halfway through their first song, the band were going strong, filling the venue with their crisp heavy sound that reminds of late 2000s alternative Rock. Most of the crowd were already familiar with Bare Roots and those who weren’t had most definitely been won over by the end of their set.

When it was time for Press Club to hit the stage, the crowd was well and truly warmed up. At this point Surfcafe had turned into a sauna and the temperature was closer to Australia than rainy England. This made the Melbourne made the band feel right at home. 

If you have never seen Press Club before, you’re in for a surprise. Front woman Natalie Foster is a small woman, barely visible if you’re unlucky enough to not stand in the first view rows, but her personality is ten feet tall and her voice on a completely different level. 

Her first words to the crowd were: “Do you want to watch a rock show in a tiny little room?” and she more than delivered. Natalie took over the room in no time moving through the crowd, interacting with the audience and having a dance. 

It was clear to see that she loves and lives (her) music. If you saw her at a festival, she’d be the person in the crowd you’d want to be friends with because she’d look like she’s having the best time. Natalie is one powerhouse of a woman with a voice that can only be described as mesmerising and perfect proof that women in rock music are every bit as good as the men. It’s going to be a joy to see her command the stage when Press Club eventually headline Glastonbury! 

Every song was a smash, solid tunes from start to finish. Press Club have mastered the art of combining well thought out lyrics with anthemic rock vibes. It’s a shame the packed venue didn’t leave enough room for the crowd to jump and dance as much as they undoubtedly wanted to. 

The highlight of their set was the very last song, ‘Suburbia’, that had the whole room belting along to the chorus “I left my heart in the suburbs” and Natalie jump off a bar stool for an epic ending to an incredible gig. If you want to watch a Rock Show, go see Press Club. 




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