Review: She Drew The Gun – 05/11/19 – Riverside, Newcastle


Newcastle’s own Sing Again Syren light the fuse on tonight’s Bonfire night proceedings, their big old-school rock tunes taking no prisoners. Bluesy riff-heavy tracks like ‘Rich Woman’ recall the likes of classic rock bands like Deep Purple. They make an almighty sound for a three-piece. Latest single ‘Kiss The Preacher’ closes the set. Eliza Lee is on guitar and vocals indulging in guitar virtuoso histrionics for the first time in the set whilst Hattie Steel pounds the drums into submission and bassist Laila Riley ends up in the crowd. They only formed late last year but expect big things from them in 2020.

Much like Death Cab For Cutie, Peaness are one of those bands whose name is so awesome that you just hope that their music lives up to it. Any doubts that it wouldn’t were put well and truly to bed with 2017’s debut long-player ‘Are You Sure?’ and they certainly didn’t disappoint. Peaness rock a more punk-pop sound than the openers, their knack for a lush melody never better than on ‘Same Place’, an ode to their hometown of Chester. With a name like Peaness, you can’t afford to take yourself too seriously and the girls entertain with their attempts at local dialogue and some banter down the front with the members of local band Bigfatbig about awkward meetings in the toilets at Middlesbrough’s Twisterella Festival.

‘Oh George,’ another track from their album is a perfect slice of power-pop, a bittersweet tale of heartbreak. Latest single ‘Breakfast’ is a slowed down head bobber whilst unreleased track ‘Sleepyhead’ is another highlight and promises that Jess, Rach and Balla are three peas that will have both boys and girls craving more Peaness in the future.

Hailing from the Wirral, She Drew The Gun are the brainchild of singer and guitarist Louisa Roach whose socio-political lyrics and psychedelic pop entrances a crowd who are oblivious to the fireworks going on outside up and down the Quayside. Roach is equally at home with her five-piece band on tracks like new single ‘Trouble Every Day’ as she is stood alone with just an acoustic guitar. They finish with ‘Thank You’, a tribute to the trailblazing women who have paved the way for female-led acts. A backdrop of flashing images including the likes of Amy Winehouse, Debbie Harry and Patti Smith seems very apt before a cover of The Beloved’s ‘Sweet Harmony’ brings up the house lights. Those reveller’s outside missed a treat, the real fireworks were inside the Riverside tonight.



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