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Review: The Snuts - 4/10/18 - Think Tank?, Newcastle - Gigs North East


Review: The Snuts – 4/10/18 – Think Tank?, Newcastle


Kicking off their UK tour in Tyneside, Scottish four-piece The Snuts rocked Think Tank? with a Buckfast fuelled set of sing-a-longs and infectious indie-rock riffs…

Fellow Scots Mark Sharp & The Bicycle Thieves got the rowdy Newcastle crowd well and truly in a party mood. Smashing out an ambitious cover of ‘Born Slippy’, the iconic track from cult classic ‘Trainspotting’, got venue-wide chants of ‘Here we, here we, here we f**king go!’

There’s always a risk when a band do a cover in their set that it could come across a bit X-Factor, a bit cringe, but this was far from that. It was genuinely one of the most innovative and exciting covers you’re likely to see.

Crowd-pleasing cover aside, Mark Sharp & co put on a show that demanded you took notice, coming with a slick set that segued from swooning melodic slow jams, to raw and riotous indie party starters with an enchanting ease.

Armed with his guitar and signature bottle of Buckfast in hand, Snuts frontman Jack Cochrane swaggered on stage with an air of unspoken confidence. It was as if he already knew that the next half an hour would be one of the most captivating live shows that anyone in the room had ever witnessed.

“I love that people in Newcastle can actually understand us” said Cochrane, after openers ‘Matador’ and ‘Manhattan Project.’ These conjured an incredible atmosphere for the entranced crowd. It was an atmosphere that became palpable when the first chorus of ‘Glasgow’ reverberated around the venue.

“Beautiful” the charismatic frontman remarked, as the line “I promise you this, I’ll always love the way that you say Glasgow” was sung back to him. Their anthemic love letter to ‘Glesga’ was followed up by the equally powerful ‘Seasons.’

The Snuts

A double bill of top-shelf future indie anthems ensured you’d be telling all of your mates about The Snuts the next day. “Normally the wine kicks in by the eighth song, this is nearly the perfect set” Cochrane joked after a swig of ‘Bucky’, before bowing out with the somewhat sombre ‘Sing For Your Supper.’

“If anyone’s ever told you we’re the next best thing, then they’re right, it’s all about The Snuts, f**k everybody else.” Cochrane proclaimed before leaving the stage, in a moment of defiant cockiness that would’ve made a Gallagher brother proud.

He might just be right, after seeing a performance of this quality, I know that’s what I’ll be telling everybody about The Snuts. Their sound brings a uniquely Scottish edge to well-established anthemic indie rock. The band create something infectiously catchy, something rugged yet polished, all underlined by Jack Cochrane’s dynamic vocals. Pair all of that with an incredible live atmosphere and you might just have Scotland’s next big band.



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