Review: Wildwood Kin – 03/05/19 – O2 Academy 2, Newcastle


On the 3rd of May the O2 Academy was buzzing and, there was even more going on than just Sundara Karma’s Hit the North Opening party! In the O2 Academy 2, the smaller hall located in the upstairs of the venue, three amazing folk-pop acts were winning the crowd…

Starting off the night was singer songwriter Callum Pitt who recently released his new single ‘Forgotten Kids’. The young lad from Newcastle writes about the issues of modern society. ‘Forgotten Kids’ is about the rising poverty levels in the UK. It refers to the rough sleepers and families having to use food banks, people who have been let down badly by our system. His positively chilling voice and humble performance style won over the crowd and got them listening speechlessly.

Second act of the night was alternative folk duo Issy Ferris and Archie Sylvester, also known as Ferris & Sylvester. The musical couple was as mesmerising as they were energetic and they gave all they had to the audience. They were completely loving the Geordie spirit of clapping, singing and dancing along.

Not just being incredibly strong musically, but also lyrically, the duo knew exactly how to make their future fans listen and sometimes with tears in their eyes. Their latest release ‘Flying Visit’ is one of those songs that speaks directly to the public and makes us all relate in our own way to our own stories and memories.

Even though these two acts were great on their own, we still had the amazing and stunning Wildwood Kin coming up. The beautiful band, inside and out, consisting of Emillie, Beth and Meghan made the audience go ecstatic but completely silent at the same time.

Wildwood Kin

During their performance they were joined by one guitarist who gave the very recognisable Wildwood Kin-sound an extra layer of musical brilliance. Their fans were softly humming and singing along to indie folk tunes like ‘Warrior Daughter’ and ‘Steady My Heart’. It is incredible to see and hear how the trio’s musicianship is not only flawless on their recorded songs, but also during the live set the harmonies were chillingly good and their voices like those of angels.

A cheeky news fact about Wildwood Kin is that they’re back in the studio to record their new and second album which excited every single one in the audience last week. We cannot wait to see what the future is going to bring for the three gorgeous women of Wildwood Kin.



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