Support Slots

We're always on the lookout for great up and coming bands for support slots.
Send us your details below to be considered for support slots at future gigs.

Supports available

  1. 24/01/2018 Cape Cub, Think Tank
  2. 24/02/2018 Demons of Ruby Mae, Underground
  3. 26/02/2018 Husky Loops, Think Tank?
  4. 02/03/2018 The Rails, The Cluny, Newcastle
  5. 06/03/2018 Joseph J Jones, Think Tank
  6. 09/03/2018 POKEY LAFARGE, Riverside
  7. 11/03/2018 MARTHA FFION, Think Tank
  8. 12/03/2018 Like Pacific, Think Tank
  9. 13/03/2018 Insecure Men, Think Tank
  10. 17/03/2018 WYVERN LINGO, Underground
  11. 29/03/2018 Alex Lahey, Think Tank
  12. 31/03/2018 Black Foxxes, Think Tank

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Helping promote Local & National gigs and bands in the North East of England.

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