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If you’ve been paying attention to anything in camp Penguin, you’ll be aware of the menacingly strange half -flightless bird, half- humans who’ve been bopping around in an undisclosed location in Newcastle making fuzzy garage-pop that’s blowing our minds.

First demo ‘Not A Problem’ didn’t just grab our attention, it woke up the likes of BBC Radio One’s Hew Stevens and 6 music. Ever since its release and a few live premieres¬†of what the penguins have up their slippery sleeves (penguins wear tuxedos right?) we’ve been begging for more.

Their new track ‘fiction’ is just the return we’ve been waiting for.¬†Smacking you in the face straight away with pummelling riffs and anxiety laden vocals, ‘Fiction’ is garage-light track with alt-pop rhythms, crescendos of drums and sing-along chorus vocals.

With a bit of something for everyone, this three minute blast of Penguin makes us glad they won’t be flying off any time soon.



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