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Bare Roots – Dirty Feet


‘Dirty Feet’ is the fourth single from Bare Roots. It’s that kind of foot stomping rock’n’roll that there just isn’t enough of in the world right now… 

‘Dirty Feet’ is the band’s most upbeat release so far. The track is firing on all cylinders with a cheerful outlook. Its sound is anchored with weighty guitars and drum fills, making it a satisfying listen. 

The lyrics were written with an air of sarcasm as frontman Ant Francis states “Our bassist, Joe… once passingly joked that I only write sad songs… So while on my lunch break at my old bar job, which I despised, while eating a cheese sandwich, I toyed with the idea of writing ironic lyrics about how great everything was…” 

Despite the initial irony, Ant and Bare Roots are genuinely optimistic about the track. “Dirty Feet is our loudest release to date… We were excited when we first wrote it, there was something about it which felt like it was made for festivals! I just hope it makes people feel good. Although the lyrics were written ironically I definitely feel like it’s a positive and up-lifting number.” 

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