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James Leonard Hewitson – ‘Deader’


James Leonard Hewitson has released a new video for his track ‘Deader’. It magnifies present day anxieties and has one of the catchiest choruses we’ve heard so far this year…

Sonically ‘Deader’ is an indie anthem with all of the trimmings including euphorically scuzzy guitars and an undeniable singalong quality. In stark contrast the lyrics tell another story. Leonard Hewitson explained to The Line of Best Fit “I wrote the chorus in a really instant, uninterrupted way one unemployed birthday.”

I was lacking meaning in whatever I was trying to do in life and felt it appropriate at that point to take stock of my privileges, laugh at my normcore dress sense and make some sort of pledge to myself to try and do something better.” 

Catch James Leonard Hewitson live in the glorious North East with an upcoming appearance at Last Train Home festival, Darlington.

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