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PLAZA - Bolostitcher - Gigs North East

Track of the week

PLAZA – Bolostitcher


‘Bolostitcher’ by Plaza is a haunting track from the Hartlepool quartet which displays a change in sonic direction… 

It’s accented with shiver inducing riffs, ominous basslines and subtle synths- a first in the band’s discography. These elements combine to create a stark atmosphere more chilling than an autumn night. 

Lyric-wise, ‘Bolostitcher’ takes listeners to a dark space, which seems to be a theme in Plaza’s upcoming EP ‘Wernotplaza II,’ on which the song appears. Vocalist Brad Lennard has explained it’s all about “loss, feeling like everything in your life isn’t going to work out and feeling like you have no one to turn to.”

Listen to the cathartic track below. 

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