Track of the week

Soham De – Brave


You may know the name Soham De already, the young artist who originally hails from Kings Lynn but makes his new home in Durham, has been wowing audiences up North for the past few years.

It seems sheer word of mouth and talent has got Soham to where he deservedly is now, about to play Live at Leeds Festival and releasing his debut single ‘Brave’.

There’s not much that needs to be said about Soham De’s first offering other than it’s utterly breathtaking. Wracked with pain and exploding with poignancy, De’s soft fingerpicking style and subtly gruff vocal swells into an all-consuming storm of enveloping soul.

Equally stunning it’s Soham’s choice of cinematic accompaniment, a heart-breaking tale of a survivor of an acid attack. Touching and apart from the crowd, a perfect pick for Soham De.

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